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VON Consulting Group, Inc., a management consulting firm serving small- and medium-size businesses was founded around one simple principle: increase profits for our clients! 

Why is increasing profits our founding principle?  Because increased profits are the results for which every business strives!  To increase profits actions must be taken, such as solving problems, changing how the business works, trying something new or changing how employees work and communicate.  The magic in this approach is, increasing profits requires eliminating many of the headaches and frustrations business owners and executives deal with everyday.  Yes, increased profits and fewer headaches do go hand-in-hand. 

VON Consulting Group has helped many business owners turn their business around.  In many cases, only small changes were needed to get them onto the path of increasing profits.  The most common feedback we get is, "… if I had known I could turn my business around this quickly, with such minor changes, I would have done it years ago!"

Please review all of the pages of our site to learn more about the services offered by VON Consulting Group and the unique approach we use to help our clients increase profits and retake control of their business.

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 ... if I had known I could increase profits this quickly, with such minor changes; I would have called VON Consulting Group a long time ago!
Does your business have you feeling like this?

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